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20160802_080505Mike Moll, Operations Manager
email: mike (at) mollypitcher dot com

Since he was a young man, Mike has thought about what he’d like to put in a bio about himself on a website. But he couldn’t really think of anything, so he had some losers he used to work with give it a shot. Turns out they’re also super terrible at it. That’s okay, because who really decides about what beer they want based on the bio of the operations manager of the brewery? Nobody, that’s who. Just try the beer. It’s freakin terrific.

Tim Fourlas, Brewer

Tim is our brewer. He works his ass off to make sure all of our beers are brewed to the exacting standards that you will come to expect. Because you will be back. If you see him in the taproom, invite him over to have a beer with you! But remember, he won’t be able to sit down with you because he’s very busy. Plus he’s worked his ass off.

Brandon Bear, CFO

What does a brewery do with a beer lover that can’t brew? Make him the accountant! Thank goodness Brandon has a visor and one of those old-timey calculators with the handle on the side and the paper coming out and it always seems like they’re pushing way too many buttons and the thing keeps rattling and the paper keeps coming out and crap when are they going to be done with this calculation? Luckily we think that will make sense to Brandon once he sobers up. (JK IRS!)




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Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays: 3-9pm

Friday: 3-11pm

Saturday: 12-11pm

Sunday: 12-9pm



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